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Get ready for a world of good health! Be part of Team USA’s six-week walking challenge, which we are launching in collaboration with the Aga Khan Health Board for United States of America. Join an exciting fitness challenge that will take you on a virtual Journey to the seven Ismaili Centers around the world ending at the Jubilee Games 2016, Dubai.

Step 1:
Recruit up to eight (8) participant per team.
Each participant needs to walk at least 6,500 steps a day for the next six weeks.

Step 2:
Create a team captain account by registering to the right.

Step 3:
Once registered, you may create team(s) and register participants.
Note: team captain can register unlimited number of teams but may only walk with one team.

Step 4:
Each week return and update your team’s step count.

We wish you all the best! See you at the Jubilee Games, Dubai!

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