Walk to Dubai 2016 Challenge


Walk to Dubai: 6 Weeks Walking Challenge

Get ready for a world of good health! Be part of Team USA’s six-week walking challenge, which we are launching in collaboration with the Aga Khan Health Board for United States of America. Join an exciting fitness challenge that will take you on a virtual Journey to the seven Ismaili Centers around the world ending at the Jubilee Games 2016, Dubai.

Good luck and see you in 6 weeks! It’s your turn….

Programme Objectives

  1. Join friend or family in your region or across the country to form teams of up to 8 participants, and record your weekly steps for 6 weeks from June 5 to July 16, 2016
  2. You and your team’s steps will take you on a virtual trip around the world starting in United Sates of America and ending at Jubilee Games, Dubai
  3. As you progress along your journey, you get a chance to discover the seven Ismaili Centers across the World
  4. To track your steps, monitor your progress, and share your journey to the games Team USA will provide social resources for you to connect with others walking to the games

931 Teams Registered. 5233 Participants Walking. 5,848,789 Miles Logged!

Help Team USA reach our goal of 2 Million Miles by July 16, 2016!

Where do you stand? Our Top 10 Teams...

Team Rank Team Name Team Captain Team Country Total Flying Miles Current Destination
1 Chicago Red Hot Chili Steppers Razeena Matani United States 280,492 Arrived at Dubai
2 Happy feet to Dubai Minaz Attawala United States 258,139 Arrived at Dubai
3 Little Rock Walkers Alishba Jiwani United States 167,913 Arrived at Dubai
4 NE IWG Minaz Attawala United States 93,939 Arrived at Dubai
5 CCC Mashal Sohani United States 72,056 Arrived at Dubai
6 WALK2DUBAI2016 ALMATEEN ASLAM VIRANI United States 50,090 Arrived at Dubai
7 The Knights Salman Ali United States 47,480 Arrived at Dubai
8 Kesh Fam Isba Keshwani United States 43,860 Arrived at Dubai
9 ACT NOW 2016 salima bhojani United States 42,977 Arrived at Dubai
10 DC REC KINDERGARTENERS Amynah Pradhan United States 42,111 Arrived at Dubai
Team Captains, is your team ready for takeoff?

Note: A team captain can register multiple teams but may walk with only one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Challenge will last for six (6) weeks. It will begin June 5th and end on July 16th, 2016.

Absolutely. Walking is not the only way for your steps to count in the Walk to Dubai Challenge. You can use other forms of working out like the elliptical, kick boxing, playing tennis etc. to participate in this challenge.

Your team can have up to eight (8) participants, including yourself.

There is no age requirement- Jamati members of any age can participate in this challenge.

Your team will virtually visit many destinations as part of this Walking Challenge. Destinations will include Houston USA, Burnaby CA, Toronto CA, London UK, Lisbon P, Dushanbe TJK, and the Jubilee Games at Dubai UAE.

In order to make it to Dubai by July 16th, 2016, you will need to do at least 6,500 steps each day. However, we encourage each team participant to shoot for their personal best!

It’s simple. Use the “Activity Tracker” that you can print and post anywhere. Download it here.
You can also use any app to count steps. Be sure to share your experience with us using Team USA’s Facebook site to tell us- and your friends- about your progress. We can all use this platform to encourage and motivate each other!

To track your steps, you can use free Apps like MyFitPal, Pedometer, S Health, Noom Walk, Runtastic. Visit your App store on your smartphone to download.

Yes, you can still register a team after the deadline and will still have a chance to participate in the Walking Challenge.

With whomever you like – it’s your goal! Do what makes most sense for you. Some people find it most motivating to buddy-up with someone who has similar activity goals. Some people love fitness time with family, a team, or a group of co-workers. If you prefer to do it alone, that’s ok too! It’s your way!

6,500 steps are roughly 3.25 miles and should be completed in one day for the challenge.

Team captains can register a team at local council corner (May 27th – June 4th) or online via the Walk to Dubai page.