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We are pleased to announce the launch of the Jamati Talent Audition process for the upcoming 2016 Jubilee Games to be held in Dubai this July. The Jamati Talent Audition has been designed to bring together high quality artistic Jamati talent at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Signature Events and the Global Village. The Jamati Talent Audition will endeavor to identify and profile the best talent from the USA Jamat using an equitable and transparent process. You will be able to find the outlines, talent categories, process overview and other related details below.

Programme Objectives

  • Identify and showcase high quality Jamati talent in the performing arts to the global Jamat attending the Jubilee Games
  • Develop and implement an equitable and transparent process to recommend and select talent & display the diverse cultures and traditions of the Jamat at various opportunities during the Jubilee Games week, including the Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, Signature Events and the Global Village

Process Overview

The Jamati Talent Audition process will consist of two phases:

Phase I: A national selection process within USA of the top submissions in each of the seven categories.
Phase II: A secondary international selection process based on the top submissions in each of the seven categories.

  1. Selection of the talent within USA will be determined by an independent panel of judges across North America with background in their respective performing arts field.
  2. The international panel, in consultation with a professional choreographer and creative/music directors, will be making the final selection of all performers.
  3. A consistent selection criteria to judge all submissions will be used within USA and at international level.
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Deadline to submit is May 1, 2016. Late entries will not be accepted.

Talent Audition Categories

  • Individual or group (maximum 20 dancers per group)
  • Novelty groups may be considered
  • Individual or group
  • Solo acts or group performances such as pop bands, marching bands, drum groups or other musical groups
  • Demonstrate familiarity with a variety of music, including contemporary and traditional songs within the three Jamati traditions: Middle Eastern (Arabic), Central Asian (including Persian), and South Asian
  • Experience working with large crowds and mixing upbeat music
  • May include actors, news reporters and professional speakers who are interested in serving as masters of ceremonies and hosts for various programmes
  • Comfortable leading small or large groups in physical exercise
  • Expertise in Zumba, cardiovascular exercise and similar group fitness classes preferred
  • Sports freestyle dancing (creative dance styles that include sports, such as, basketball, soccer, skateboarding, acrobatics, etc.)
  • Arabic calligraphy graffiti artists
  • Art teachers/instructors to teach calligraphy, canvas painting and tile painting
  • Other exercise or fitness instructors, including yoga and Pilates

Eligibility Criteria for Performers / Applicants

Performer(s)/Applicant(s) must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older as of 1 July 2016
  • Must not be competing as an athlete at the Jubilee Games
  • Possess the required documentation to exit their home countries (i.e. valid passport) and travel to the UAE (entry visas)

Selected performers will be responsible for:

  • All expenses associated with participating as a performer at the Jubilee Games, including but not limited to airline travel, accommodation and transportation
  • Food will be provided on the days the performer is rehearsing, performing or otherwise volunteering
  • Arrival in Dubai 3-5 days prior to their performance (number of days will be determined by event requirements)
  • Submission of the Performer Qualification Submission (PQS) Form – USA

Talent Selection Criteria

The following 3 areas will be utilized to judge and score each dance performance:

  1. Technical Ability (Scored out of 10 Points – with 10 being the best score)
    –  Movements and routine is true form of dance
    –  Movements are performed with technical precision and accuracy
    –  Difficulty of the dance steps/moves
    –  Rhythm and timing of movements flows with music
  2. Creativity & Originality (Scored out of 10 Points – with 10 being the best score)
    –  Creativity of the dance steps/moves Uniqueness of the song/music
    –  Creativity of costumes that have stage appeal and reflect the tone/theme of the music and routine Interest of storyline (if any)
  3. Execution (Scored out of 10 Points – with 10 being the best score)
    –  Overall synchronization of the dancers
    –  Use of stage space
    –  Energy and attitude of the dancer(s) (from setup of stage to stage exit)
    –  How well the choice of songs/music mix well together
    –  Overall stage presence i.e. professional & respectful appearance, attire/props, verbal approach (if applicable)

The following 3 areas will be utilized to judge and score all the other performances:

  1. Technical Ability (Scored out of 10 Points – with 10 being the best score)
    The criteria to evaluate content/technical ability will vary based on the types of performance being judged as follows:
    –  Vocal Singer or Group – Clarity, Pronunciation, Lyrical Memorization, and Voice Quality or Intonation (Tone, Tune & Pitch)
    –  Musical (Instrumental) – Melody/Harmony/Rhythm, Technical Clarity, and Timing
    –  Theatre/Drama – acting skills, voice/diction, costume, interpretation/enactment of script
    –  High Energy Fitness Instructors – Technical Ability, Confidence, Movement
    –  DJ Acts – Entertainment Factor and Use of High Energy Music
    –  Other Forms of Expressive Art (i.e. Sports Free Style Dancing, Arabic Calligraphy Graffiti Artist, Art Teachers/Instructors, etc.) – Uniqueness & Exceptionality of Act, Difficulty Level/Wow Factor, Technical Skills
  2. Creativity & Originality (Scored out of 10 Points – with 10 being the best score)
    –  Creativity/Originality of the performance based on uniqueness of the act, ability to convey or interpret a concept, story dynamics and dramatic changes within it
    –  Creativity of costumes that have stage appeal and reflect the tone/theme of the performance
  3. Execution (Scored out of 10 Points – with 10 being the best score)
    –  Energy and attitude of the performer(s)
    –  Overall stage presence i.e. professional & respectful appearance, attire/props, verbal approach (if applicable)

Talent Audition Video Criteria

  • Length of the performance should be a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes. The 5 minute time limit begins as soon as the performer(s) music selection has begun or performer has begun speaking, singing or dancing.
  • A performance must have at least 1 performer on stage at all times.
  • If selected, performers may be asked to perform their own audition submission at the Jubilee Games or may be provided with choreography, musical composition and/or lyrics which they will need to learn and perform at the Jubilee Games.
  • Costumes must be culturally sensitive – Bare shoulders, midriffs and hemlines above the knee are NOT allowed.
  • Groups should not have more than 20 performers.
  • Please ensure that all performers are visible for the majority of the video submission to allow for fair review.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are a number of events and programs that are planned throughout the Games, including the opening and closing ceremonies, signature events, global village showcase, in-games entertainment, and many more. Participants will be selected to participate in any of these events across one of the seven categories. Applicants may apply for any of these categories however, please note that applicants will progress in only one category to the secondary selection process.

Every effort will be made to ensure that we have representation from all Jurisdictions in all Internal Content Programming. However, in doing so, we would like to ensure that quality is not compromised.

No, being selected at the National level does not guarantee that a performer or group will perform at the Jubilee Games since the performer or group will go through a secondary selection process. Only those applicants that are selected through the secondary selection process will be invited to perform in the Jubilee Games events.

The Jubilee Games will be held from July 22 – 29, 2016 in Dubai, U.A.E. Programs will be held throughout this period.

Applicants may apply for multiple categories but will only progress to the secondary global selection process in one category.

Applicants will undergo a secondary selection process (Phase II) at the international level. Through the secondary selection process, the international team will determine those applicants, which will be selected, and the programs or events in which the successful candidate will participate.

It is expected that all applicants reside within USA or if living abroad, are Americans. The National Committee for the Jubilee Games wants to ensure that America’s best talent is recognized and showcased at the Jubilee Games.

Only members of the Jamat are eligible to participate in the Jamati Talent Audition process and be selected to participate in the Jubilee Games.

Each applicant, either in a solo or a group, must be at least 18 years of age by July 22, 2016. Exceptions will not be made.

Applicants will only be able to submit their audition link once. Applicants should ensure that they thoroughly review their submission to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria and follow the video guidelines.

Each submission must meet all the requirements, including eligibility criteria and video guidelines and fit within one of the seven categories. If the submission meets all of these requirements, it may be used in the application.

The identity of the judges will be kept confidential to ensure the selection process is carried out in a fair and independent manner. Judges have been carefully selected for each category based on their professional experience.

Judges will be from within and outside of the Jamat across North America with expertise in each of the seven categories.

Applicants will not be provided the national selection process final score, however those applicants who have successfully progressed to the secondary global selection process will be notified.

Each applicant must provide an unlisted YouTube link as part of their application

The secondary selection process will be conducted by judges at an international level therefore a live audition will not be possible. To ensure consistency, the national selection process has been mirrored to match the international selection process. Both of these phases will require a YouTube link in order for judges to review and score the application.

Applicants will be responsible for preparing their own submissions and should refer to the video guidelines for clarification on requirements. Applicants are encouraged to ask their friends and family for support and assistance in producing their submissions.

The Jamati Talent Audition process in USA will seek to select the top talent in each category. The focus will be based on the selection criteria. Attire, e.g. costumes, dress, etc., will be decided at a subsequent stage by the Jubilee Games Global Team.

You may send your queries to JGTalent@usismailigames.org