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The Jubilee Games are an international Ismaili sports tournament that encourages and supports Ismaili athletes in achieving excellence in competitive sports. The Games also enhance the Jamat’s awareness and appreciation for physical fitness and health.

Established as a Golden Jubilee International Programme, the inaugural Games were held in June 2008 in Nairobi, Kenya, as an international Jamati celebration of sport and fitness. The Games brought together 1,200 Ismaili athletes from over 20 countries, and showcased the global Jamat’s athletic achievement while highlighting its diverse cultural, social, and linguistic traditions.

There will be limited transportation for spectators.
Transportation may be provided between sports site. You should plan to arrange your own transportation to and from events.

There are no registration fees for volunteers

You can attend the ticketed events for as little as $12 USD per event. *Prices for events are subject to change. The $12 USD price per event is as of 4/25/2016.

Tickets will be sold online ahead of time

The games will be held in Dubai, UAE between 22 – 29 July 2016

The 2016 Jubilee Games will be held in the following facilities:
Dubai World Trade Centre: Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Football (Soccer), International Volleyball, Traditional Volleyball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Wrestling
The Sevens Stadium: Cricket
Emirates Golf Club: Golf
Etisalat Academy Sports & Leisure Club: Squash
Gems World Academy: Track & Field
Hamdan Sports Complex: Swimming

The International Jubilee Games Team will set up a web portal for all Jamati members wishing to attend the Games. Information on registration, travel and accommodation will be provided in March 2016.

Please fill out the volunteer application on the International Jubilee Games Website

The following sports will be offered at the Jubilee Games. Additional sports may be added at later dates.

Team Sports:
Basketball, Cricket, Football (Soccer), Throw Ball, Traditional Volleyball, International Volleyball

Individual Sports:
Badminton, Chess, Squash, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Wrestling, Golf, Track and Field

You should be able to travel to Dubai without any travel restrictions. You should also have a valid passport and required entry and exit visas to participate in the 2016 Jubilee Games if not traveling from the USA.

Athletes and teams are selected from the most recent US Ismaili Games competition (USIG) to qualify athletes for the Jubilee Games.

Athlete qualifications and eligibility:

The official programming guide can be viewed here.

The international Jubilee Games Team has provided information to visit Dubai, Attractions, Currency and Culture on their website.

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